Carboflex 135 Airshaft

Carboflex 135 Airshaft


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The Carboflex 135 Airshaft racket is the most powerful in the Carboflex range. Powerful, it is ideal for regular and occasional players looking for power. Maximum power thanks to its 500cm² screen and the most powerful Dynamix VP multifilament cord from Tecnifibre. Weight of 135g with inertia to favor heavy strikes. The lines of the racket have been redesigned by the “Airshaft” section for more aerodynamics and favor acceleration. The monoshaft construction is reinforced on both sides by the “X-Arms” tendons to limit the flexibility of the racket and provide stability and precision on impact. To increase grip and tolerance on off-center hits, the Carboflex 135 Airshaft incorporates.

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Material: Graphite
Headsize: 500cm² / 78in²
Weight: 135g / 4.75oz
Balance: 350mm
Length: 685mm
Cross section: 13-18mm