Suprem CurV 125

Suprem CurV 125


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Dialed in control with an aerodynamic frame shape, the Tecnifibre Suprem 125 curV updates the series for a faster and more attacking style of squash. The Suprem 125 curV has a slightly smaller head and 14×18 string pattern that provides extra control and cut on the ball so you can play tighter to the wall. The racquet has a head heavy balance to add power but has a new balance that makes it less head heavy than the previous model so hunting cross court shots is easier. Pre-strung with Tecnifibre 305, one of the most popular strings at both the amateur and professional level, the Tecnifibre Suprem 125 curV delivers a lightweight frame that delivers excellent control from all areas of the court.

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Composition: Graphite
Headsize: 470 cm² / 73 in²
Weight: 125g +/-5g I 4.4 oz
Balance: 355 mm +/-5 mm